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We recruit individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.


Healthcare Assistants in London

We provide flexible support at home and in the community and all of our carers tailor their support to individual needs and circumstances.


Want to Become a Support Worker?

You will offer support at home and throughout the community – specific to the individual client.

Flexible Support

Healthcare Assistants in London

We provide flexible support at home and in the community and all of our carers tailor their support to individual needs and circumstances. Our main focus is your independence, health and overall social well-being, so that you can re-gain control of your own life.

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Home Care Support and Assistance

Home Care Service

We offer home care support and assistance to those who need it. Home care support includes support with personal care, shopping and laundry, cooking and any other domestic services required. Home care can be most beneficial to those with learning difficulties, disabled individuals and also the elderly. It can also be an extremely beneficial service when leaving hospital, where you may be in need of short-term focused help until you get back on your feet.

Furthermore, home care enables you to continue living at home as independently as possible.

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Care for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs

We provide flexible and personalised 1:1 support for people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. By having a personal assistant (PA), a disabled person is given the opportunity to access and participate in a wide range of local activities and leisure pursuits of their choice with the support of someone who understands them and can care for their needs.

We will support you where and when you want to be supported, to help you live the life you choose.

The decisions regarding your support are in your hands.

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Community Care

In order to enable our customers to live their lives as ordinarily and independently as possible; our personal assistants and support workers offer flexible and mobile services throughout the community. We accompany our customers to colleges, recreation centres, cinemas, restaurants, shops, banks; sporting activities, religious meetings… the list is endless. We will take you where you want to go, we support you to decide when and how you want to get there.

Support Brokerage

We also support vulnerable people to identify their own support needs; find out what resources and services are available to them; work out what support package will best meet their needs and preferences (given the available resources); organise and manage this support; review and adapt this support over time; and (potentially) identify problems and avenues for help in resolving them.

Direct Payment Management

We offer a one stop shop for vulnerable people who are on direct payment. We provide:

  • Matching Service – we support you with the recruitment of suitable personal assistant
  • Disclosure and Barring Services – We support you to carry out background checks on individual you choose to employ as your personal assistant
  • Financial Support – we support you with opening and management of a bank account where your money is paid, we keep detailed record of transaction and support you to send monthly or quarterly return to social services
  • Payroll Support – We support you to keep records of hours worked by your PA, support you to pay your PA, prepare payslips, P60, P45 etc. We ensure that all statutory deductions are made and remitted to HMRC
  • Carry out supervision and appraisal of personal assistants
  • Provision of training and continuous professional development for personal assistants
  • Offer emergency personal assistant support.

All these services help to reduce the fear-factor around Direct Payments and the responsibility of becoming an employer. Our support service is focused specifically on the needs of the individual and family and provides a simple hand-holding service through the process of organising all elements of Direct Payments.


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Perhaps you are worried what is the best kind of support for you? That’s why we offer a consultation to all of our clients beforehand. So give us a call today on 0207 101 3693 to arrange yours.

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